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"One of the greatest things about MGMT is that they have not yet succumb to the loudness wars. Their sound and volume dynamics change as expertly as their notes and chords, creating a more holistic live experience than many acts today which are afraid to deviate from their constant levels in fear of losing the audience. Notably, this is the first concert I’ve been to in a few months where the drums and bass didn’t make other parts inaudible throughout the night."  - (via mysterydisease)

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I MET ANDREW VANWYNGARDEN LAST NIGHT!!!! It was amazing. After seeing MGMT live so many times, I finally stayed after the show! Matt, James, and Hank also came out. They were all so nice! Excuse my super excited face..
"I treated Art as the supreme reality and life as a mere mode of fiction."  - Oscar Wilde, De profundis  (via mirroir)

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"After a brief chat about their 3 Coachella appearances (which is pretty impressive), Jason inquired about their lives off stage to which Andrew replied “we are domesticated fully”."  - MGMT live on KCRW (interview airs Monday, April 28th)

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